When you buy one of our Boxtly NFTs, you will get a surprise shipped to you every month. Forever. 


Confused? Here’s how it works:


We at Boxtly were tired of NFTs being created with no value attached to them, so we created an NFT collection that gives you value for life! 


There are only 1,000 Boxtly NFTs in existence. Each time a Boxtly NFT is sold in the marketplace, we collect a 10% royalty fee. At the end of every month, we use 90% of those royalties to send a surprise to all of our NFT holders. The other 10% of the royalties collected go to paying our Chief Shopping Officer, Emily, for finding the delightful surprises sent out to you each month. 


On the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM (MST), we will hold a livestream on YouTube.com/Boxtly in which we will randomly assign that month’s surprises to the blockchain wallets holding a Boxtly NFT. Over the next week, those surprises will then be shipped out to all of the Boxtly NFT holders that have a United States shipping address. 


The more money we get in royalty fees, the better surprises get shipped to you. One month you might get a screwdriver in the mail. The next month you may get a PlayStation 5! It all depends on how many Boxtly NFTs were resold in the previous month, how much they were resold for, and how lucky you are in the random assignment of your surprise for that month.


If you are dissatisfied with your Boxtly NFT at any time or want to cash out, you can resell it in the marketplace. By selling your NFT, that means we will collect more royalties that will subsequently provide better surprises to that month’s NFT holders.


If you are ready to join in on the fun go to Rarible.com/Boxtly to get your Boxtly NFT. After you purchase your NFT, send a direct message to Rarible.com/Boxtly with your shipping address. If you do not live in the United States or do not want to share your shipping address, send Rarible.com/Boxtly a message saying that you would like to receive gift cards in replace of physical packages. From there, you will receive monthly surprises going forward, no matter where you live in the world. 


The disclaimer with this project is if there is ever a month that less than $2,500 in royalties are collected for the gift distribution, there will be no monthly surprises sent out that month…. No one wants a $2.50 toothbrush. Instead, those funds will be reserved until a subsequent month pushes the collected royalties over the $2,500 threshold.


Now, what are you waiting for?? Go buy your Boxtly NFT!


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